Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Angie Takes Over

Liz has grown and matured over the years to be quite a sophisticated woman, traveling on sales calls she makes for her job as a big pharma rep. Sometimes she takes one of her studs with her, sometimes she goes alone.

This leaves me at home a lot when she is gone. But I am not alone.

No, her daughter is here. Angie is going to college full time now, and has a part time waiting tables at Hooters. Her boobs are not that huge, but with the right bra she fits right in. Actually, with my current body I think I could probably work at Hooters, if Liz would let me leave the house.

Liz actually told Angie who I was a few weeks ago. That I... um, used to be her husband. That technically she and I are married. Husband and wife. Angie did not react well to this news. She ranted at Liz for a while, asking how she could have made such an awful mistake.

"This... woman that you now tell me is not actually a woman, has got to be the most pathetic creature in human existence!!!" I could hear her yelling at Liz in the other room. "She was an OK nanny, and cleans house OK if we whip her enough, but my father??? How fucking humiliating!!!"

It was humiliating for me, too, to hear my step-daughter yelling this at my wife.

"She's not your father, first of all. Second, yes, she is pathetic. She isn't as pathetic as when I married him, trust me. He just degenerated over time."

"Thank god he is not my father or I would have to kill myself! I couldn't bear the humiliation. But his name is still on my birth certificate as my father! That's terrible enough!!!"

"We can get it corrected if you like. It just never seemed to matter, Angie." Liz was trying to calm the teenager down.

"This changes everything. I used to think she was just a household servant that we had taken in and given a life to, some destitute woman. Now I learn she is a member of the family. I feel like puking."

And that's the way it went for an hour, after which Liz packed her things and left on a week long business trip to New York.

Which left me alone with Angie.

Now, since taking the hormones, having my body modified to remove all genitalia, and dressing in women's clothes exclusively, I have actually turned into a rather beautiful woman. I clean up pretty well, if I do say so myself.

Liz has farmed me out for modeling, a practice that makes her extremely angry (to see me appear beautiful and to actually be modeling), but she can't resist the cash flow.

Nude modeling has been paying better and Liz has been setting me up in various nude sessions that are pretty much just soft porn. The porn side of things is very niche... the woman with no genitals.

Yeah genetically I am a man, but my body and face look completely feminine now, so I am billed as a woman.

The lack of genitals is weird. I am used to it now, of course. It's been a year since I lost my cock, but it is a sort of selling point for the porn side of things.

Last week Liz actually brought up the idea that she might have me do some porn videos instead of the soft core nudes she had been having me do. I wouldn't care, I have no sex drive any more. It would probably be with some guy that I would suck off and maybe let fuck me in the ass. I know from Liz's studs that some guys are fascinated by the idea of fucking a girl in the ass because she has no cunt.

The porn shoots are either soft erotic nudes, in which case you can't see my missing genitalia, or explicit nudes that have my legs spread or something like that.

There is a little scaring and extra remaining tissue from my scrotum, enough to sort of make it look like I have a cunt.

But any close look, it is clear that just just a bit of extra skin. There is no hole there.

Now that Angie is aware of my true "gender" and condition, she insisted on seeing me and examining between my legs. She was disgusted, of course and expressed disgust toward me.

Angie has been bringing boys home since she was 16, and Liz has never said anything to stop it. I talked to her once and she said she would rather that Angie be doing it someplace safe where she could keep track of the boys than have her doing it in the back seat of some car on a bad street.

Liz then reminded me again that Angie is not my daughter and it was none of my business.

So... back to being alone with Angie.

Angie had a guy over a couple of days later. Young guy, maybe 20 years old, and a real hunk. She went up to her room while I was cleaning the downstairs bathroom but then ten minutes later came down. She had her top off and just her panties on below.

"Evelyn. Upstairs. I want you to show Kyle what you look like."

"Angie, I am not sure if that's a good idea. Your mom isn't --"

"Shutup, bitch or I will whip the snot out of you. Upstairs."

So upstairs I went. Kyle was undressed on the bed, slowly playing with his cock, which was remarkably large. I guess like mother, like daughter.  When he saw me he started stroking his cock for real.

"Take your clothes off, bitch," Angie told me. Obediently, I stripped down to nothing and stood for them to observe.

"Get on the bed and show him what a pig you are," demanded Angie.

Being ordered around by a woman and her stud was familiar to me. It was just usually my wife, not my daughter. Still,it was easy. I climbed onto the bed on all fours and positioned myself for Kyle to observe where my cunt... or cock... should be but wasn't.

"Holy crap, Angie. This is amazing. She is really cute though, but... you say this is... your... step father?"

"Yeah. More or less. Mostly less. You want to fuck her?"

"No, I want to fuck you. Make her watch. God, that's hot, making your neutered Dad watch you take my cock... " he laughed. I think I was blushing bright red by then, I had not felt this humiliated in years.

Angie stripped her panties off and leaped on top of Kyle, sliding his cock into her already wet pussy. I lay on the bed and watched at my step-daughter's order. "That's it daddy dear. Watch now. Oh fuck that feels good Kyle... you always fill me up so... owwww... god you are big... fuck me now, push it in deep.... watch him daddy, watch my boy fuck me..."

"I want her to join," said Kyle after he had sunk his cock deep inside Angie.

"Why? She can't do anything. She can't feel any pleasure. Push... push harder... of fucccckkkkk...."

"She can service me. Give me pleasure. And you if you want."

Angie's bobbing head, moving up and down from the slamming of Kyle's hips into hers, turned and looked at me. "Over here, bitch," she demanded.

I obeyed. Leaning over I kissed Kyle, long and hard. He raised his arms and put them around me, pulling me in while he bounced Angie's body.

Even though Angie is not my daughter I had thought of her as my daughter for most of her life. To be ordered to service her lover, to be in the same bed with her and actually feel our naked flesh rubbing against each other, felt very weird. Taboo.

"Get between my legs, whore," gasped Angie as the two continued fucking. "Suck me, and suck him. Make us both come!"

Angie actually slid on top of me and I positioned so that I could access her clit and his cock as it went in and out of her, just above my face. I did my best to lick and suckle both of their genitals.

I guess it worked because Kyle came pretty quickly, moaning, then grunting and crying out, "OH, FUCK I am gonna CUM!"

I saw his cock pulsing inside of Angie's cunt and then he slid it out while he was still ejaculating.

Tons of white sperm slid out of Angie's hole and right down into my waiting mouth, and he continued dribbling onto my face as I accepted his semen from Angie.

Angie then shuddered, gasped and squeezed her thighs on my head, having her own climax. Her muscular contractions simply squeezed more of Kyle's body fluid out of her cunt and into my mouth as I licked her clit.

I had actually been responsible for bringing Angie to an orgasm.

Angie literally kicked me off the bed when she was done. I wiped the remains of Kyle's cum from my lips, and crawled to the corner, arms around my knees.

Kyle and Angie snuggled for a while and shared some affection. I watched, and this felt as bad as anything I had ever felt watching Liz. No one loved me, cared for me. I watched as Angie was loved by her boyfriend and wished I had something like that.

"Hey, you want to see what my mom does with her?" Angie sat up suddenly.

"What?" Said Kyle. "I can't get hard again for another half hour, but..."

"No, no... here, watch. Get over here, bitch, sit in the chair." The last was directed to me, and I stood, my face still wet with tears and sat in the wooden chair.

Angie started slapping my breasts, hard. She pulled her arm back and swung it around and whacked my left breast, and then swung her other arm back and whacked my right. She was going to bruise me fast, and I was crying again, this time because of physical, not emotional, pain.

"She does that?" Asked Kyle in amazement.

"Sure. You want to?"

"She seems really incredibly ... uh... submissive."

"Well, she's been shit on and manipulated by my mom for the last 20 years, so... yeah. Try it.'

Kyle slapped my breast. I just sat there, trying not to sob.


"Hit her harder wimp! Like this!" Angie hauled off and slapped my right tit hard enough to make me gasp.

"OK..." Kyle began slapping my breasts, back and forth.

I wasn't in my wrist restraint, like I am when Liz slaps my breasts, so I just hung on to the chair as hard as I could while Kyle kept slapping, over and over... and over...

When he finally stopped I was sobbing, and my breasts were bright red with the beginning signs of bruises showing.

"Fuck, Angie... What else can we do with her."

"I dunno, but I am bored with her. Evelyn, get dressed and go finish your work."

And that was the end of that. Angie and Kyle spent the rest of the afternoon in her bedroom. I spent the rest of the day cleaning and cooking dinner.

I hoped the bruises from the breast beating that Kyle gave me are gone by the next photo shoot, or Liz is going to be mad as a hornet and I don't look forward to that.

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