Friday, May 19, 2017

The Threat

I was dangling from a hook in the ceiling when it happened.

My wax job on the wood floors had not pleased Liz, and she had decided to punish me by hanging me up by my wrists and whipping my ass. But before she did, she played with my cock and balls a bit.

She can be pretty cruel when she plays with my testicles. Sometimes she just fondles them, but sometimes she really yanks or squeezes. A few times she's kicked them. So it doesn't matter... if she is touching my balls I am scared shitless.

This time she was squeezing, pulling them down and just making them ache. Not too bad, but it hurt and I kept wincing every time she would apply pressure.

"You know, these things just serve no purpose, do they?" She said as she pulled and I winced, my body automatically trying to get away, even though I couldn't.

"You aren't going to use what pathetic sperm they create. You won't ever be penetrating another woman, that's for sure. I will see to that. You are mine, and I won't let you inside me. So... why do you have those? They just take up space in your panties."

She yanked them down hard enough it seemed like she was trying to pull them off right then. I yelped, and wriggled, the pain beginning to spread beyond my groin.

"Oh... god... Liz... please..."

"Please what, Ethan? Relieve you of these burdens? Not only are they useless blobs of extra flesh that just take up room and distort the shape of your fine, lacy underwear, I've heard that testicle removal can do wonders for a guy. It makes them calmer, more compliant. Wouldn't you like that?"

"No, Liz, please! I am compliant, you know that. I do what you tell me, all the time. I wear all the pretty clothes, I shave my legs, I do the housework..."

"Oh, but I think there is always room for growth. Yes, I have decided. We will castrate you."

"Whhhhaaaattt???? I almost screamed. Had she just really said that??

"Yes. We shall remove these things. You aren't a real man and these are just getting in the way. Soon, I think I need to investigate the best way."

She played with my balls some more, and let me down. She told me to dress in my cutest outfit, which I did.

I put on a nice plaid dress, slightly frilly with some gloves and a necklace. Stockings, white high heeled shoes. A blonde wig. I could pass for a girl almost anywhere. I felt pretty sexy.

"Jake is coming over, and I don't want you interfering, so I am going to secure you." Liz had some chains she has used a few times. They bind my ankles about a foot apart, and my wrists are chained together behind my back, and then to the ankles. I can move about some, but it is very hard and I have to bend over constantly.

The most comfortable position is sitting, though even that requires my legs be bent and my ankles are pulled up some.

Then she inserted a new gag. It's a combination gag. The strapped part is sort of a ring gag that keeps my mouth open. Through that she inserted an inflatable gag and pumped it up.

When she was done my mouth was held open, but was also filled with this rubber thing that completely blocked off any noise. I could moan or grunt through my nose, that's about it.

"There we go. Now sit there like a good boy and watched while a real man fucks your wife."

This wasn't the first time she has restrained me. It is happening more and more when she is annoyed with me, or when she has a stud over. I am allowed to watch but am strictly restrained. The restraints have been getting more and more restrictive and uncomfortable.

I think she gets off on seeing me lay there helpless, unable to even move, while she lets some random stranger inside her body.

Down deep I hoped she wasn't serious, that she was just being domineering and making threats. I redoubled my efforts to be obedient and cooperative.

I started calling her ma'am, and referring to her as Mistress. I think she likes that. Somehow... I am hoping that if I am good enough she will let me keep my balls.

She dealt a real blow to my hope just yesterday. She was torturing me, another thing she likes to do more and more. This time she had my cock in her figure 8 chastity device. It's this absolutely horrrrible thing. So simple. So insidious. A piece of metal shaped like a figure 8.

When I am flaccid, Liz will pull my cock through the larger of the two openings until the metal ring is all the way at the base of my cock. Then she bends my cock and slides it back down through the second ring.

If she is really being mean she bends my cock backward through the second ring. It isn't a horrible position if I am completely flaccid, but any slight erection gets painful very quickly.

So what does she do? She puts me on her lap and plays with my cock while it is in the figure 8 ring. The stimulation brings on an erection... or at least it attempts to. My cock bulges, but is bent into a backward U and the expansion of the flesh gets very painful very quickly.

"Please ma'am, it is hurting more now. Please... please stop playing with it!"

"Oh but my poor husband, don't you like having your cock stroked? It's the only stimulation the poor little thing gets."

She continued to stroke, just a little bit, just enough to keep my cock straining.

"Yes... yes but this hurts! Please Mistress, please... Oh... god...."

"You know, I have been thinking about your testicles, as I promised, and I want your opinion. There are three basic ways to castrate a man such as yourself."

Her finger continued to slide across the underside of my cock.

"There's the burdizzo. It is a clamp, it simply squeezes and crushes the blood vessels to the testicles. That stops the blood flow, and the testicles will simply wither away, die, and eventually get absorbed back into the body."

I was looking at her in shock, laying on my back while she played with my cock.

"The second way is to use a testicle banding device. It applies very tight bands to the upper scrotum, again cutting off supply to the testicles and killing them off."

Liz pulled my cock out of the eight ring, no easy fete as it was half erect and wedge in place firmly. When it was free she took out some needles and waved it around as she talked. She was going to start inserting them into my penis... I just knew it. She had never gone this far before and I started to whimper in fear.

I am Liz's bitch, and it isn't an easy life.

"The third method is surgical, of course. Cutting into the scrotum, using a blade to sever the blood and nerves, and cutting the testicle out of the scrotum. Then sewing the scrotum back up. That's the method doctors use, but... well, I am not sure we will be able to get a doc."

She plunged one of the needles into the head of my penis. I yelled in pain and shock, though once the needle was threw, it just was sore. The pain and shock was when it went through.

"So tell me, which do you think you'd like?"

I whimpered. The whimpering actually went nicely with the dress, heels and bra I was wearing. I whimpered like a fearful schoolgirl, not like a man.

Liz shoved another needle through and I screamed again.

"Which do you want, Ethan? Or do you want me to decide? I was thinking the burdizzo, because it doesn't require surgery, and is quick, But then, it also damages the scrotum.... The banding might be better. It works more slowly."

She shoved a third needle through the top of my glans, I screamed and she smiled.

"I sort of like the idea of banding. You could feel what was happening. From what I can tell the bands are tight enough you can't get them off without a blade or something, so you could walk around and do chores and maybe even get dressed and go into public while the bands are applied."

A couple more needles and she asked again. "Aren't you going to express an opinion? After all, this effects you directly."

"I don't want to lose my balls!" I cried.

"Oh, I know, I know. But it's time, don't you agree? And once they are gone you are going to be so much better! You will fit your underwear better, you will never have to worry about getting anyone pregnant again, and you will just feel so much happier in your situation!"

She slowly removed the needles, which hurt but not as bad as when they went in. There was some blood, some large drops but not a lot.

"Well, think about it. I am thinking maybe we will do it this weekend, so we need to decide by Friday so we can get the proper equipment."

I stared at her, slightly hazy from the pain in my cock, looking for signs that she was just using this to torment me. On the contrary, all I saw was a calm determination. She was serious.

As she put my chastity back on me after having tortured me enough for one evening, I contemplated the idea that this weekend I was going to be castrated.

My wife, after forcing me to watch her fuck an endless stream of men, forcing me into near permanent perpetual chastity, and forcing me to dress and act as a woman, was not going to remove my balls. Permanently change my body. Castrate me.

I cried.

I have been crying increasingly in recent weeks and months.

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